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    Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territoriesand has a total landmass of 330,803 square kilometresseparated by the South China Sea into two similarly sized regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (Malaysian Borneo). Peninsular Malaysia shares a land and maritime border with Thailand in the north and maritime borders with Singapore in the south, Vietnam in the northeast, and Indonesia in the west. East Malaysia shares land and maritime borders with Brunei and Indonesia and a maritime border with the Philippines and Vietnam. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur, while Putrajaya is the seat of the federal government. With a population of over 30 million, Malaysia is the 44th most populous country. The southernmost point of continental Eurasia, TanjungPiai, is in Malaysia. Located in the tropics, Malaysia is one of 17 megadiverse countries, with large numbers of endemic species.

    Malaysia is a south-east Asian country occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo.

    The climate here is warm and humid throughout the year.

    Malaysia is known as the Asia’s food paradise, geographically safe environment, as Malaysia not hampered by natural disasters.

    Malaysia’s international education sector has grown tremendously in the last decade.

    Students can work up-to 20 hours per week while studying in Malaysia that helps them in supporting themselves while studying.

    The cost of living in Malaysia is 1300 Malaysian ringgit.

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