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    Hong Kong u University of Science and technology

    Hong Kong Baptist University

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    Hong kong is one of the world’s most significant financial centers, holding the highest development index score and consistencialy ranking as the world’s most competitive and freest economic areas. Hong kong is the 7th largest trading entity in the world. Hong kong is a part of china but it has its own passport and currency. Hong kong has 10 universities within its territory. Students have a wide options to choose from a wide range of fields from arts , science educational law, business , for graduation and post graduation programs.


    The cost of education here is usually between 60000 HK$ TO 62000 HK$ p.a.

    For higher diploma courses it usually charges 90000 HK$ TO 100000 HK$ p.a

    For the under graduate courses it depends upon the courses and universities.

    The living expenses vary.


      February and September.

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